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Access-Able Technologies Inc.

Access-Able Technologies, Inc. is a closely held, privately funded company headquartered in Longwood, Florida inspired by the philosophy that there must “Simply be a Better Way” of dealing with everyday mechanical mishaps and repairs.

With this spirit in mind, ATI first introduced the POW-R WRAP pipe repair kit. POW-R WRAP was developed as a simple, user-friendly method of repairing leaks and breaks in water lines. However, upon its introduction to the marketplace, many more uses for “POW-R WRAP” became apparent. The POW-R WRAP kit is now being used throughout the world in plants, factories, ships, schools, oil and gas companies, utility companies, lawn and garden maintenance businesses, hatcheries, wineries, farms and plantations. POW-R Wrap is solving such problems as corrosion prevention, gas line repair, insulation, encapsulation and the strengthening of all types of pipes and hoses.

Following the success of POW-R WRAP, ATI introduced the POW-R PATCH, a convenient no-measure, no-mess patch that can be used on a broad spectrum of surfaces, creating an instant repair of tanks and containers of all kinds. For example, POW-R PATCH is being utilized by the transportation industry to repair overseas containers and semi-trailers and also by the irrigation industry to repair chemical fertilizer tanks and the like. In addition to its industrial and institutional applications, POW-R PATCH is being used to repair common household gutters as well as for minor roof repairs in 3rd world countries. The next product to join ATI’s line of repair products was the STIC-O-STEEL POW-R PUTTY. This product contains a steel reinforced epoxy putty mixture that can be lathed, drilled, tapped and machined creating a simple, creative problem solver that can be used by residential and industrial users alike. STIC-O-STEEL is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the oil & gas industries as a cold-weld solution for offshore rigs. Other users, such as manufacturing plants, processing plants, farms, plantations and everyday homeowners, have recognized STIC-O-STEEL for its high quality and simple application methods when making repairs. The most recent product to join ATI’s line of repair products is FREEZE FIX, a repair system for frozen pipes. This kit makes difficult repairs in the coldest of weather conditions possible. FREEZE-FIX is a combination of technologies from the POW-R WRAP and STIC-O-STEEL products and allows the user to make permanent repairs to leaking or burst pipes, tank lines, air-lines and fluid lines of all kinds even in the worst of conditions.

As a result of the quality and growing number of products that ATI currently offers and the new technologies being developed, ATI has been, and continues to be, the industry leader in this market. ATI’s innovative production methods have resulted in not only the highest quality products, but have created efficiencies and cost savings that are passed on to the consumer, making the ATI family of products a simple, cost effective way to solve problems around the world.

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