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POW-R WRAP is a specially formulated fiberglass tape designed to repair water lines, sewer lines, fluid lines, pipe lines, and anything else that supports fluids.

POW-R WRAP has been tested to support up to 600 PSI in pressurized lines and was able to prevent infiltration by maintaining a pure vacuum.

No tools are required when applying POW-R WRAP to pipes as long as there is no corrosion, or coatings of any kind on the pipes when applied.

POW-R WRAP has been tested in many temperatures ranging from 800 degrees F to -60 degrees F. Because of the need for moisture (water) to start the chemical reaction the degrees of temperature only has bearing on the time frame for the complete curing process to occur.

POW-R WRAP can be applied to all types of pipes including PVC, CPVC, PEX, cast iron, galvanized, and clay to name a few. The uniqueness of POW-R WRAP lies in its E.P.A. approval for use on drinking water lines as well as being suitable for sewer, irrigation and chemical lines.

Not only does POW-R WRAP seal leaks in pipes, it also strengthens the vulnerable area of the damaged pipe causing it to be even stronger, in most instances, than it was before. POW-R WRAP can even be used to join dissimilar types of piping.

POW-R WRAP can be considered a permanent repair in most industrial and residential/home uses. It can also be used as an emergency fix until a maintenance crew has the time to fit the damaged area into their maintenance schedule. Either way POW-R WRAP enables the home owner or maintenance supervisor to make that decision.

Yes. POW-R WRAP has many sizes to choose from. It is all dependent on the size of piping you are going to apply it to. Common sizes range from 1″x30″2″x30″2″x60″3″x108″8″x72″4″x180″, 4″x240″, 4″x360″4″x540″, 6″x300″, 6″x540″ 8″x300″, and 8″x540″. Each size of POW-R WRAP should be used with the following guidelines: up to ½” pipes use the 1″x30″; up to 1″ pipes use the 2″x30″; up to 1½” pipes use the 2″x60″; up to 3″ pipes use the 3″x108″; up to 2½” pipes with more surface coverage required use the 8″x72″; up to 6″ pipes use the 4″x180″; and for pipes larger than 6″ requiring large surface coverage use any of the 4″x360″4″x540″8″x300″ or 8″x540″.

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